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Honey With Chios Mastic Oil & Gold 22K 250 gr

Honey With Chios Mastic Oil & Gold 22K 250 gr

In one of the most beautiful Greek Islands, Chios, there is a tree, named Sxinos, which produces the Mastic. Despite being a unique and tasteful product, Mastic also protects and preserves the human health. It can cure the digestive ulcer and it affects the oral cavity hygiene. Today, Mastic is , also, used in medicine for tumor induration.

Antioxidant action
1. Decrease in blood sugar and cholesterol levels
2. Protect epithelial cells of the respiratory system
3. Increase levels of HDL (good cholesterol) and lower levels of LDL (bad cholesterol)
4. Anti-cancer activity (in the large intestine, cancer cell apoptosis)
5. Anti-microbial and antibacterial action
6. Anti-allergic properties (inhibition of platelet aggregation)

Our company combined Mastic’s beneficial properties with our Honey and with Gold 22K and created a new extraordinary product, Honey with Chios Mastic Oil and Gold 22K.